Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.

~ John F. Kennedy


Thelloy Development Group is an established main contractor in Hong Kong through Techoy Construction.


Founded in 1982, Techoy Construction focuses on providing building construction services and repair, maintenance, alteration and addition (“RMAA”) works, with our major clients including the Government, quasi-Government organisations, institutions, schools and incorporated owners of private residential properties. Our Group holds various construction related licenses that enable us to bid for and carry out Government and quasi-Government contracts. Techoy is listed as Group C (confirmed) contractor under Contractor List maintained by the WBDB in the ‘‘Buildings’’ category in 2009, and is also a Group NW1 (confirmed) contractor under Building (New Works) category and a Group M1 (confirmed) contractor under the Building (Maintenance) category with the Housing Authority.


The environmental protection are undoubtedly our concerns as well. We are devoted to working on revitalisation projects, as we strive to be part of the leading force to protect our invaluable local building heritage. The success of revitalising the former Police Married Quarters into the current PMQ is surely a great highlight of our Group.