Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

~ Martin Luther King Jr.
Aiming at providing excellent services to our customers, we use right people and right process to foster our communication and to facilitate our collaboration. Yet, the essential question is, ‘What more can be done?’


Through construction, we are bringing betterment to people’s life and to community, and we are fully aware of the inconvenience caused to people around when construction work is taking place. Therefore, we hope to do something more to care about the people and to strengthen the bonding in a community. For instance, after completion of the PMQ project, we gave out thank you letters and cookies to the neighbourhood in appreciation of their support and cooperation during the construction period, and we also took the opportunity to introduce them the project with our specially-made pamphlets.


Small things can make a big difference and it is the extra bit that sets us apart from others. We, as a forward-looking corporate, do not limit our focus on building works and people, but we treasure all important things of society, trying to do more and even more in the way forward.